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My First Blog Post: SFF Editor Available for Freelance Work

Hello, my name is Mike Myers (not the famous one), and thanks for checking out my first blog post. The purpose of this post is simply to introduce myself and my blog, and to make myself available for freelance projects. I am currently the senior editor of British Fantasy Award nominee Grimdark Magazine (GdM). I also edited our r/fantasy Stabby Award-winning anthology Evil is a Matter of Perspective and our new print retrospective Knee-Deep in Grit. I am an avid word nerd, enjoy editing, and absolutely love to help authors make their work as excellent as it can be. Perhaps I can put my love for editing to work for you.

But first a little background.

I have a BA in British Literature from Brown University, an MA in British and American Literature from California State University, and an MS in Adolescent Education–Language Arts from Long Island University. (I have an MBA, too. Don’t make me use it!) Prior to starting with Grimdark Magazine, I was a volunteer proofreader for SFWA Grand Master Jack Vance’s Integral Edition; I edited two non-fiction monographs for the brilliant author/professor Alex Wright, including Cataloging the World: Paul Otlet and the Birth of the Information Age, published by Oxford University in 2014 ; I edited Nadine Slavinki’s excellent novel The Silver Spider; and I worked on a variety of business writing and editing while at Cisco Systems, MedNet Sites, American Auto Careers, and Impact Music.

And now the fun stuff.

I have been line-editing Grimdark Magazine since January, 2016, and I love it. Since that nerve-wracking first issue (GdM’s second), I have worked with some of the greatest authors in genre fiction, including Mark Lawrence, Brian Staveley, Michael R Fletcher, Anna Smith Spark, Aliette de Bodard, R Scott Bakker, Victor Milan, Alex Marshall (aka Jesse Bullington), Anna Stephens, Ed McDonald, Richard A. Knaack, Rob J. Hayes, James A. Moore, Adrian Tchaikovsky, and host of amazing upcoming authors. I am forever grateful to GdM’s editor-in-chief, Adrian Collins, for giving me this opportunity. I honestly had no idea he would put my name next to his on the cover of Evil is a Matter of Perspective—he certainly didn’t have to—but that’s just the kind of boss he is. What an absolute thrill! Thanks to his excellent business savvy he has kept GdM going for 16 glorious issues, and it just keeps getting better. And in case any of the authors I’ve worked with for GdM are reading this, thank you so much for letting me make suggestions on your already excellent stories. GdM is my mainstay—you should definitely read it—and I hope to continue working on it for the foreseeable future, but I hope to work with you, too.

So this is my first blog post. It’s just an introduction. There will be more, about story writing and technical stuff, and some about fiction writing books that I’ve read and/or reread. But I am mainly using this first post to throw my hat into the cyber-ring in case you or someone you know needs an editor. I will take only one job at a time, which I will work alongside my regular duties at GdM. I have a personal preference for fantasy and grim sci-fi, but I can probably lend a pair of well-honed eyes to whatever your imagination conjures. I have a new website where you can find testimonials about my work. You can contact me through my website or email me at mike.myers.editor@gmail or through my Facebook page at I look forward to working 1:1 with some of you great writers on your work. Let’s do this.

Write on,



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